Dental Health Checks (Examination)

We believe that your regular Dental Health Check is much more than just a check-up. We want to fully assess the health of your teeth and give advice and encouragement as much as possible.

On every dental health checks we assess the health of your teeth, gums, cheeks, lips, joints and skin. We complete full oral cancer screening, and assess the health of your gums. We complete periodic radiographic (x-ray) examinations when indicated to ensure that we spot any developing issues at the earliest stage possible. We also assess and advise on your risks are of developing unhealthy conditions or problems. Our aim and focus will always be to help prevent conditions developing, but when they do develop our aim is to treat them as early as possible.

When further treatment is required we always discuss all of your treatment options, enabling you to give informed consent on what treatment that you would prefer. A printed treatment plan is always completed and explained to you prior to any treatment, so you are always aware of costs involved.