Tooth Whitening

We have three options to suit you to get your teeth whiter and brighter. Following a consultation to ensure that the treatment is appropriate, and normally an appointment with our hygienist to remove stains and build up from your teeth, we have the 3 following options for whitening your teeth.

Option 1

Many people choose our “at home” whitening where impressions are taken in my surgery and whitening trays made at the practice (usually within 24 hours).

The trays are then checked for fit and full instructions given for their use and the most appropriate at home gels prescribed.

Your investment for this is £200

Option 2

Other people choose Zoom Light Whitening, where most of the whitening is done in surgery using a power lamp (to produce an instant result) followed by a few days home whitening using trays made especially for you, to reinforce the effect.

The investment for Zoom whitening is £400

Option 3

Our third offering is Enlighten whitening, the only whitening product to guarantee to take your teeth to the shade B1 (the whitest on the shade guide).

Impressions are taken and sent to Enlighten laboratory to make especially designed whitening trays.

In the meantime, you are provided with special Enlighten toothpaste which helps to prepare the teeth for whitening.

Once the trays are ready, you would complete a two week long courses of gel tray whitening, a week with one gel and a second week with a stronger whitening gel.

Once saturation is achieved using these gels, an appointment is made for a final in chair whitening with the most effective gel available to use in the UK.

At this point the enlighten system guarantees that your teeth will be B1.

The investment for Enlighten whitening is £500.

If you would like to discuss these options further please call us on 01248 787878, make an enquiry using our online enquiry service.