Hygiene Appointments

Why should you visit our hygienists?

The major cause of tooth loss in adult patients is gum disease, so effective oral hygiene is vital in order to help keep your teeth and gums in optimum condition, your smile whiter and your breath fresh.

What can I expect at a hygiene appointment?

Our hygienist will make you feel at ease as she assesses your gums and your home care habits. She will then remove hard plaque build up from your teeth, along with stains from tea, coffee and cigarettes. We offer special numbing gel to help with this if needed. The hygienist’s role is to work with you on the skills, tools and techniques that you need to remove plaque from every surface of every tooth every day.

This gives you the best chance of maintaining fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums between each hygiene visit. We also encourage children to look after their teeth from an early age, to help them establish a healthy routine and minimise the need for dental treatment in the future.

We look forward to helping you achieve the feeling of well-being that comes when you know that your mouth is healthy and you are fully equipped to keep it that way.

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