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Although our practice if focussed on preventative dentistry with minimal removal of tooth tissue and saving of teeth of paramount importance to us, it is sometimes necessary to remove a tooth. This is most often done when all options to restore and save the tooth are not possible, or when a tooth is mobile due to periodontal condition, or occasionally for orthodontic treatment. The majority of extractions can be completed in the practice under local anaesthetic.

When you attend for an extraction, a radiograph (x-ray) is taken initially to assess the root that is under the gum and held in the bone. The area around the tooth is then made numb using local anaesthetic. Before any attempt is made to remove the tooth, a full check is made around the tooth to ensure that it is numb. Once this is successful the tooth in question is then removed.

Occasionally, where there is very little root structure left to be able to grip for removal, a little cut can be made in the gum so as to enable access to the root to enable removal. Where necessary stitches would be placed to aid healing and these would need removal in a weeks time.

Full post-operative instructions are given to all patients following an extraction, and if a patient has any queries or problems, we will endeavour to see them as soon as possible to address this and help make things better.


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