An Exciting Opportunity to Join our team….

We are looking for an enthusiastic, committed and motivated dental nurse to join our team here are Marquess Dental, Anglesey. Sounds like you? Read our full job specification below….

Ideally a successful candidate would have previous experience at dental nursing but full training can be provided if this wasn’t the case. Please email your CV and Covering Letter to by mid-day on Tuesday 17th June.



Job Title – Dental Nurse
Reports to – Practice Manager
Reports (Direct & Indirect) – Principal


The dental nurses role is to assist the principal with all clinical aspects within the practice. They should adopt proficient surgery procedures, ensuring the best utilisation of surgery time and keeping up to date with compliance. They also need to ensure that they provide excellent patient care, maintain cross infection control, equipment and materials.



  • Provide support to dentists and other team members
  • Have effective teamwork
  • Ensure that they keep up to date with guidelines
  • Ensure that Cross infection guidelines are adhered to at all times
  • Report all issues of importance to the appropriate people
  • Liaise closely with reception to ensure maximum efficiency within surgery
  • Work closely with dentist in a professional and appropriate manner
  • Carry out reception and administrative tasks where required


  • Greet and care for all patients within your care in a polite and courteous manner at all times
  • Always be aware of patient confidentiality and data protection
  • Inform reception of any reason for delay
  • Ensure patients receive all necessary paperwork and that all forms are signed and dated correctly
  • Be fully conversant with all emergency & evacuation procedures
  • Promote a professional image of the company at all times
  • The dental nurse must remain in surgery, ensuring that dentists are chaperoned at all times when treating a patient.
  • Proactively sell consumables in the practice.


  • Assist patient into surgery, settle them in the chair and prepare them for treatment
  • Ensure HTM 01-05 (Wales) protocols are in place
  • Complete regular audits to ensure procedures are followed
  • Complete daily, weekly and monthly checks/validation on equipment
  • Ensure that you wear PPE at all times
  • Provide patient with personal protective equipment
  • Produce instruments and materials as necessary during treatment
  • Provide chairside assistance during all dental procedures
  • Ensure all lab work is checked and available prior to patients arrival
  • Develop all x-rays, whilst adhering to the relevant safety procedures
  • Maintain a clean environment during surgery.       Cleaning and sterilising instruments after each patient, adhering to the company policy on cross infection
  • Ensure all clinical waste is disposed of in the appropriate manner compliant with current regulations
  • Escort the patient from the surgery and when necessary to the reception area
  • Ensure all equipment is maintained as per manufacturers instructions and are cleaned appropriately
  • Follow checklists provided which clearly outline a schedule of daily and weekly tasks
  • Switch equipment on in the morning and ensure it is switched off again at the end of each working session
  • Ensure that adequate stocks of expendable drugs, materials and instruments are available in surgery
  • Ensure that all repairs are reported promptly to the practice manager


  • Ensure waiting areas, corridors, stairs and immediate external areas are kept tidy and free of hazards in line with Health & Safety requirements
  • Remove waste regularly
  • Always be vigilant and always report any problem or concerns to the practice manager immediately


  • GDC Registered (or on a certified training course)
  • If no previous experience training can be given


  • Experience of working within surgery environment
  • Undertake CPD in line with GDC guidelines
  • Nursing qualification or experience to enable registration with GDC (if not experienced, a successful candidate would need to enrol onto a GDC approved nursing course)
  • Ability to use IT and operate a computer based system


Customer Focus – Understanding who internal & external customers are & their requirements. Thinks about the “customer’s perspective” & focuses on delivering a quality service that meets/exceeds customer/patient expectations.

Communication – Expresses themselves clearly & effectively verbally or in writing whilst delivering key messages to others. Deals with queries effectively. Shows evidence of active listening when communicating both face to face & over the telephone.

Team Working –The ability to work co-operatively, as opposed to working separately or competitively, with either the immediate practice team or other colleagues working together towards the same goal.

Personal Effectiveness and Organisation – Demonstrates initiative, self confidence, organisation skills & is willing to take responsibility for their actions to deliver a high quality service.

Drive and Motivation – Enthusiastic and committed, demonstrates drive to do things better, more efficiently & effectively, to improve performance & to exceed goals & targets.

We will review this Job Description and it may include any other duties and responsibilities we determine in consultation with the jobholder.

Posted by Geraint Buse on 11th June 2014, under Opportunity to Join our Team

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