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Marquess Dental, Anglesey, are now Laser Dentists!

1 Minute 3rd June 2014

To continue in our ethos of always wanting to be at the ‘cutting edge’ of new technology, we here at Marquess Dental, Anglesey, have invested in Soft Tissue Laser, so as to enable us to offer the best and most effective treatments for our patients.

Dr Geraint Buse, the Practice Principal, said “It’s great to be able to bring the very best of treatments to our patients here in North Wales. Lasers are becoming part of day to day practice and are great in helping to achieve predictable results.”

Benefits of laser treatment are that it is quiet to use, gives increased comfort during treatment, reduces the need for sutures, reduces the risk of post-operative infection, minimises post-operative discomfort and bleeding, and reduces both treatment times and post operative healing time.

Here are some FAQ regarding laser use:

What will the laser be used for?
A soft tissue laster is used for a wide range of treatments form periodontal treatment and gum related surgery through to the treatment of mouth ulcers

Will it hurt?
Most patients are aware of the laser device being used but as you are made numb there is no discomfort

Will it be noisy?
Unlike a dental drill, a laser us quiet in use, there is no vibration or high pitched noise

Will the drill be used also?
This depends upon the treatment being performed. Generally the laser is used as part of an overall treatment plan that may or may not require the use of the drill

Is laser treatment safe?
Dental laser are safe in use and are specifically designed to perform dental treatments. As with all laser treatments your dentist will provide you with suitable eye protection.

If you would like to book a consultation to see how Marquess Dental can help you, please email us at or ring us on 01248 787878.

Marquess Dental, Anglesey - Laser Dentists

Marquess Dental, Anglesey – Laser Dentists


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