5 tips to combat bad breath

You are not alone if you suffer from bad breath, also known as halitosis, it is a 
common problem that can affect all ages. At Marquess, we are here to help,
and have put together 5 tips to help you combat bad breath.

First, let us consider what might be causing your bad breath.

Causes of bad breath:

  • One cause can be the build-up of bacteria from food around your mouth
    due to poor oral hygiene
  • Gum disease can also be a key factor in causing bad breath
  • Smoking has several negative effects on your oral health, one of these is
    bad breath
  • Eating strong smelling foods can also contribute to this condition
  • Unfortunately, some medicines you may have to take can be a factor too
  • Dry mouth can cause bad breath, which can be from dehydration,
    problems with salivary glands, or other health conditions
  • Gastro intestinal problems such as an H. pylori infection or gastro-
    oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) can also lead to bad breath.

5 tips to combat bad breath:

1.  Usually the most effective way to combat bad breath is improving your
dental hygiene. Ensure that you brush your teeth and gums twice a day
for around 2 minutes.

2.  If you suffer from dry mouth, keeping hydrated is the first step, chewing
sugar free gum and using a fluoride toothpaste can also help.

3.  Reduce your intake of strong smelling foods such as garlic, coffee and
spicy foods. Cutting down on sugary food and drink will also help to
reduce bacteria in the mouth.

4.  It is important to visit your hygienist regularly as they can clean your
mouth and offer advice. Using dental floss helps to remove bits of food
that brushing doesn’t always reach and reduces the build-up of bacteria.
Try interdental brushes if you find flossing tricky.

5.  If you smoke, reducing the amount you smoke or stopping altogether
will help.

If you do have bad breath, it is important to contact your dentist, at Marquess
we can examine your teeth and offer tailored advice on how to resolve this
embarrassing issue so you can have a happy, healthy smile.

Posted by Josie on 24th July 2018, under Caring for your teeth

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