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Your teeth and your diet

2 Minutes 10th October 2018

We all hear lots of advice on diets in terms of keeping our bodies in good shape, but we can often forget to consider how the foods we eat affect the health of our mouth. We have put together 5 top foods and drinks that can help your mouth stay happy and healthy.


Nuts are a great source of calcium and phosphorus which is used to make the all important enamel on your teeth. Nuts can make a great healthy snack, but try to avoid those with added sugar glazing which can build up in your mouth and lead to tooth decay.

Milk and cheese:

Milk and cheese are both healthy options for your teeth as they can help to combat the acids in your mouth. Their high levels of calcium directly benefit your teeth and bones. Cheese bites and cheese strings are a good option to look after children’s teeth in a packed lunch box.

Fruit juices:

Good quality fruit juices are high in vitamins, orange juice for example has high levels of vitamin C which promotes healthy gums. Whilst they can provide much needed vitamins, it is important to remember that juices often have high acidity levels. Try to avoid sipping on juices throughout the day to give your mouth chance to recover from these acids. A straw can also help to minimise acid contact with the teeth.


In a similar way to milk and cheese, yogurts also have good amounts of calcium that promote healthy teeth. Yogurt can also help to balance the acid levels in your mouth, and some studies have even shown it can fight bad breath! Remember to avoid the ones with added sugar and fruit compotes.

Green Tea:

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants and studies have shown that this can work to protect your teeth from gum disease. Be mindful that many herbal teas can be high in sugar levels, making green tea a better option. Do be mindful that green tea can stain your teeth so make sure you don’t indulge too often!

The great news is that there are many foods which can have a positive affect on your dental health. You can still treat yourself with the foods you fancy as well, but try to have foods high in sugar or acidic foods around meal times rather than throughout the day.

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