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3 Minutes 15th May 2015

Our patient Elaine Jones tells her story of her experience of facial aesthetics at Marquess…


I have always been against “Botox” type treatments, having seen many a picture of a frozen alarmed looking face or scary ballooned lips, and wondered why the hell people have them? Having a high pressured job which is majorly public facing, I deal with a lot of people day to day and naturally want to look good. Over the last few years my lips have thinned dramatically and I had become increasingly aware of this so much that I had begun to speak with my hand partially covering my mouth. My mouth had also drooped slightly and frown lines had appeared on my forehead, all due to the aging process and stresses of daily life. It was when a comment was made about me “looking cross” and the increasing amount of headaches I was having due to frowning, that I knew I had to do something.

Apprehensively I began to research facial aesthetics products and fillers. There was no way I was going to attend a beauty salon where someone turns up once a month and performs this kind of treatment! I needed to be confident with my decision and find someone who was fully qualified and insured and would be able to explain the treatment to me. I had heard about Marquess through a friend so I thought I would go and see what they had to offer, I booked into the surgery for a consultation. The process was immediately pleasing.

I was put at ease by Geraint and his assistant Jenny. We talked in depth about the procedures and expectant results. Even discussing the shape I wanted my lips to be. I left the first appointment feeling confident, as everything had been explained so clearly and I wasn’t baffled by the science! I was now looking forward to getting started. We agreed the treatments to be split over two appointments as I was a bit nervous about the pain and recovery.

I arrived at the surgery and was happy to see the welcoming face of Jenny and Geraint who again put me at ease. The treatment began on my forehead and eye area. I was amazed how little it hurt and how quickly it was all over. Over the next two weeks I would see the results happening before my eyes. The frown lines disappeared and the crow’s feet vanished. Most importantly my headaches that I had been experiencing had gone away as I was no longer frowning! I was amazed!

I returned two days later for the next appointment for treatment to my mouth area. The fillers were inserted to my thinning lips and the sides of my mouth that had been travelling south! Again I was really happy with the lack of pain and the professional yet comforting way in which the treatment was given.  I had the fillers on a Friday and I did experience slight bruising and swelling over the weekend, this was partly my error as I hadn’t used ice on the treated areas to help with the after effects as I was advised to. By Monday morning the bruising and swelling had gone and I was left with a lovely, shapely set of lips. My bottom lip, which had previously almost disappeared, was back to its former glory, looking full and as it should be. There were no unsightly bulges and not a ducks pout in sight! They were perfect.

I was immediately met with compliments on how fantastic I looked and how my face had naturally softened and I was gleaming with self confidence. I am now a patient at Marquess for dental & aesthetic treatments and I cannot recommend enough how brilliant the staff and treatment experience has been. It really has changed my life. No more cross looking faces, headaches or embarrassing thin and droopy mouth. I can now face my clients full of confidence.

I am planning on continuing the treatment when it’s needed and i’m so very happy that I overcome the apprehension in order to try it but more importantly that I chose the right place to come… Marquess.


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