New Age of Interactive Toothbrushing

The recent launch of the Oral -B 6000 electronic with bluetooth technology not only with a separate display timer, but with an app that you can download to your mobile device, really gave a glimpse into the future of not only toothbrush technology, but how this technology will be integrated with patients’ visits to the dental practice, in particular the hygienist.

The app has the usual expected function of a timer and warnings if you are brushing to hard, along with nice features of the weather and news. Then, it has a summary page telling you how long you’ve brushed for and including a tick list for you to tick to say you have flossed or used mouthwash. This is then all added into a statistics calendar where it logs the amount of times you’ve brushed, flossed, rinsed and cleaned your tongue every day. Perfect to make sure you establish and maintain a good habit for keeping your teeth and gums clean.

The next bit, is the part that really seems to have huge potential, is the Focussed Care page. This enables a dental professional to help you develop personalised custom routines and recommendations specific to your needs. So when the hygienist or dentists advises that you need to take special care to clean them back wisdom teeth or the tongue side of your lower incisors, this will be programmed for you and the effects of this can be monitored on review appointments.

Oral b 2      Oral B 1      oral b 3

When you then put this together with the full computerisation we already have in our practices, along with the online booking procedures, it will not be long before these settings will be able to be set in surgery and then emailed to your toothbrush before you’ve even got home. Similarly, for your brushing times and hygiene habits and records can be sent to the surgery prior to your appointment so that a detailed analysis can be made of areas that are going well and things that may need more care.

Further to that, there is an App for children based on Disney characters, called the Disney Magic Timer. This enables children to earn a new digital sticker after 2 minutes of brushing, then track the progress with stars and milestones on the brushing  calendar. With the youngsters all very used to using app’s and phones already, this is a great way to make toothbrushing fun and ensures that they have an incentive to keep brushing for 2 minutes.

So it seems that the world of toothbrushing is developing at quite a pace, and as always here at Marquess Dental, Anglesey, we will ensure that we are at the forefront of these new technological advances to keep our patients informed and having all the support they need to help establish great oral hygiene habits.

Posted by Geraint Buse on 3rd August 2014, under Caring for your teeth,News,Oral Hygiene

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