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Our new website is now LIVE

1 Minute 17th June 2014

As regular visitors to our site will have noticed, our website has just relaunched with a new look. The aim of our new site is ensure that our focus is always on how we can help our existing and prospective patients address their enquiries and concerns with their teeth.

Dr Geraint Buse said “This is the 3rd major website revamp we have had in the 3 and a half years we have been open. Our aim is to constantly improve our site to give the best experience for all visitors to it.”

A major revamp has happened to our treatments page which can be seen here. The aim of this page is for patients to easily be able to find out options about creating their perfect smile, or how to address problems with their teeth, while also giving patients who know exactly what they are interested in access directly to this via the A-Z of treatments. Finally their is a Frequently Asked Questions page for people to learn new, interesting facts about their smile.

Dr Buse continues “Throughout the site we have now added easy links for patients to be able to read about treatments that are relevant to them, and also read other related items, all focussed on the area of interest that they have.”

This won’t be the last update of the site either with more plans for updates in the future:

“In the near future we are looking at adding downloadable information packs to the site to enable easy access to information that patients are interested in. We will also be looking at creating email newsletters and updates to ensure that our followers are always the first to know about new and exciting treatments, events and offers”.

We would like to thank Adrian and Kevin and the whole team at Pop Creative for their hard work in continuously updating and improving our website.


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