Unable to have orthodontic treatment on the NHS ?

Many teenagers are unable to have orthodontic treatment on the NHS due to the their mis-aligned teeth not being deemed ‘severe’ enough to satisfy the NHS funding for their treatment.

Here at Marquess, we feel that as going your teenage years can be tough enough, and are pleased to be able to offer all straightening options for teenagers who otherwise have no access to it. This can be done with discreet tooth coloured brackets and wires, or with Invisalgin Teen – which does away with brackets completely and is sepcifically designed for teenagers. So if you are a parent of or know of a teenager who is really worried about their teeth not being ‘straight’ get them to┬ásimply call the practice to arrange a FREE┬áconsultation with our treatment co-ordinator, Amanda.

Posted by Geraint Buse on 9th September 2015, under Orthodontics

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