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10 ways you are damaging your teeth

2 Minutes 26th July 2017

You are brushing twice a day, regularly flossing and visiting your dentist twice a year but is that enough to ensure you keep all of your teeth for a lifetime?

We have put together a list of behaviours that you can be doing every day without realising you’re potentially causing harm to your teeth.

  1. Using the wrong toothbrush

You should be using a brush with soft bristles that are multi-tufted. A brush that is too hard can cause gum recession and tooth abrasion. Both of these types of damage are irreversible.

  1. Brushing too frequently or forcefully

Even if you are using a soft bristled brush, you could still cause harm to your teeth and gums by brushing too forcefully. A gentle circular motion is all that’s needed to remove any plaque or debris. Brushing too often can also have damaging effects. Brushing twice a day (morning and night) is a perfect amount to keep your mouth in great condition.

  1. Nail biting

Nail biting is a bad habit and it’s even worse for your teeth. The pressure that’s used is abnormal and can cause damage such as; wearing down, chipping or cracking of teeth.

  1. Grinding and clenching

Bruxing is the dental term for tooth grinding and jaw clenching. Bruxing can cause havoc in your mouth. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, it is important to let your dentist know and they can supply you with a night guard which will protect your teeth while you sleep.

  1. Chewing ice cubes

We understand how tempting it is to cool down in the summer by chewing an ice cube but crunching through such a hard substance is not what our teeth were designed to do.

  1. Using your mouth as a toolbox

Teeth are for eating. If you use your teeth as tools to tear open bags, rip tags off clothing or open bottles it is time to stop! Misusing your teeth can cause major problems for your teeth like chips and broken teeth, as well as damaging the soft tissues in the mouth.

  1. Playing contact sports without a mouth guard

Mouth guards are an extremely important piece of equipment you should make sure you wear every time you play contact sports. This will protect your teeth and gums.

  1. Dry mouth

It is important to keep your mouth free from dryness. You can do this by making sure you are hydrated. Having a dry mouth can increase your risk of enamel erosion, cavities and bad breath.

  1. Sugary foods and beverages

Consuming sugary food and drink can increase the risk of tooth decay. The acids that are produced from these foods can start to erode your teeth and make them more susceptible to decay.

  1. Drinking coffee and fizzy drinks

Coffee and fizzy drinks (diet or regular) are highly acidic. If you drink a lot of them throughout the day, you are putting yourself at risk of tooth damage as your mouth isn’t given the chance to neutralise your saliva.

If you would like any additional advice on living a lifestyle that is ideal for your oral health, come and see us at Marquess Dental. Our friendly team can give you plenty of advice and give your teeth a check over while you’re here too. Book an appointment today on 01248 787878. 


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