Calcium, are you getting enough?

Most of us know that we need calcium for our bones but did you know it’s an essential mineral for teeth, too? There are two factors at play when it comes to the importance of calcium on teeth. The first is that as this mineral is required in order to keep our bones healthy, we need to give consideration to the health of the jawbone, which is vital for keeping our teeth in place. The second factor is that calcium exists in two of the three types of hard tissue that make up teeth.

Our bodies don’t naturally produce calcium, so we need to ensure that we get enough of this important mineral from our diet in order to help keep our bones strong and our teeth mineralised. You’ve probably heard about acid erosion, or acid attack, which takes place after we eat or drink sugars. This ‘attack’ causes demineralisation, where the teeth actually lose some of the calcium mineral, leaving the enamel weakened and more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. One way of protecting our teeth against this is by increasing the calcium levels, meaning that the teeth will have a higher mineral level so that an acid attack will have less of an impact.

A good way to ensure you get enough calcium is through your diet, with the best sources being dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. However, vegans and dairy intolerants fret not! Calcium can also be found in green, leafy vegetables like broccoli, as well as calcium-fortified juices and milk alternatives like soya or almond.

If you have concerns about your calcium intake, have a chat with one of our dentists or hygienists for some useful advice about how to give yourself a mineral boost! Just call our friendly reception team on 01248 787878 to book an appointment.

Posted by Geraint Buse on 29th September 2016, under Acidity Problems,Caring for your teeth

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