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Dental Advice for Coffee Drinkers

1 Minute 25th October 2013

Every morning across the globe, millions of people either switch the kettle on and add two spoonfuls of coffee to their favourite mug or flock to their nearest coffee house and order a caramel latte or a frothy cappuccino. Coffee has become a staple of many people’s lives, transforming from a need to a necessity and creating an entire mini economy in of itself.

But what many of these coffee bean lovers forget is the impact coffee can have on your dental health. Its high acidity can attack the enamel of your teeth, leaving you susceptible to cavities and decay. This high acidity can also result in a build up of harmful bacteria on your teeth and gums. This bacteria is responsible for many strains of gum disease and tooth decay.

However, the negative impact of coffee on your teeth can be combatted by a good routine centred around some solid dental advice designed to restore the PH balance in your mouth. The acidity in coffee, which is largely responsible for the aforementioned issues, disturbs the natural PH balance of your mouth. This imbalance can be brought back to a neutral level with the use a PH balanced mouthwash.

A regimented routine of rinsing mouthwash around the mouth for 30 seconds after drinking coffee, could go a long way to combatting the negative impact of coffee on the PH balance of your mouth and the subsequent dental health problems it can lead to.

For more information on foods that are detrimental to your health and the impact of coffee on your health, please pop into our practice, contact us via our website or call us directly on 01248 787878.


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