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Teeth grinding in children

1 Minute 27th September 2017


Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is when someone involuntary clenches their jaw or grind their teeth. It is common for bruxism to occur during sleep, but can also happen while being awake.


Children often experience bruxism during deep sleep or when they are under stress. In most cases of children grinding their teeth, it is harmless to their dental health but if you notice your child regularly grinding their teeth or jaw it could be causing damage to their teeth.


Children with some medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, or who take certain medications can develop the condition over time.


Bruxism can cause multiple oral health problems such as; cracked tooth enamel, excessive wear and tear on the teeth, broken teeth or strain on the joints and soft tissues of the jaw.


The signs and symptoms of teeth grinding that you should look out for in your child are; grinding sounds when sleeping, headaches, jaw or an earache, sensitive teeth, jaw clenching when concentrating or upset, cracked or chipped tooth enamel and cheek biting.


Most children will outgrow bruxism but until they do it is important to observe their behaviour and take them to regular dental check-ups to keep any potential oral hygiene problems at bay. In severe cases, a dentist may prescribe a moulded night guard to protect the child’s teeth from any further damage.


If you believe your child is suffering from teeth grinding, book an appointment with one of our friendly dentists who will listen to your concerns and help your child to overcome bruxism.


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