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Dental Warning Signs

1 Minute 29th November 2013

The health of both your teeth and gums is vitally important. It can be easy to believe your teeth are in great condition if you brush twice a day and it’s not rare for people to dismiss what are actually warning signs as harmless everyday occurrences. We’ve listed a couple of these warning signs for you below, along with some notes on how to both fix and prevent the problems.


Often characterised as sudden and sharp pains in various areas of the mouth, twinges are commonly dismissed as knocks or bumps to the gum when brushing or the effect of a particularly tough piece of steak. However, they’re often a sign of underlying dental problems. They could be caused by decay to the gums, cracks in old fillings or bacteria build up in the inner tooth.

Therefore Twinges shouldn’t be ignored. They can be easily fixed with a visit to our dentist, who can run a series of diagnostic checks to identify the problem before planning an appropriate course of treatment to repair any damage. To prevent them occurring in the first place, you should be sure to stick to the big three of brushing, rinsing and flossing twice a day whilst making regular appointments to see your dentist, ideally twice a year!

Sensitive Teeth and Painful Gums

Many people have sensitive teeth and we see many patients that believe they’ve always had them. Many of these patients believe this to be a valid reason to ignore the symptoms and disregard it as nothing more than an everyday inconvenience. However, sensitive teeth are often caused by periodontal disease, which has eroded their gums and impacted upon the nerve structures. Many people are unaware of any problems until extensive damage has occurred and more than half of adults over 55 have had at least a mlld case.

The moral here is to let your dentist know about your sensitive teeth. S/he can then provide appropriate advice – after all, they are the experts! And once again – be sure to brush, rinse, floss and book regular appointments with your dentist in order to prevent the symptoms from occurring at all!

If you have any questions regarding twinges or sensitive teeth or would like to learn more about our treatments, pleasecontact us via our website or call us directly on 01248 787878.


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