Do you desire a bright, confident smile?

A person’s smile can heavily influence the overall look of the face and now with revolutionary restorative dentistry techniques we can help you achieve the smile that you want and also that best suits your face shape.

At a Smile Design consultation we take pictures and study the shape and size of your teeth and we discuss any dislikes such as any cracks, twists, discolouring, gaps and many other factors that occur, mainly due to general wear and tear of teeth over the years. We then discuss and agree a treatment plan, finance options are available at the practice and once agreed we can then let the transformation journey begin!

Old mercury fillings can be replaced, teeth can be whitened and we can discuss the alignment of your bite dependent on your smile requirements. The possibilities are endless! We have already had our professionals change the lives of so many patients who have previously had major confidence issues with the condition of their teeth. Our friendly dental experts will assure and reassure you and their knowledge of improvements is second to none. We will work to provide a first class personal service to improve not only your smile but your overall oral health.

So, if you are looking to improve and enhance your smile and the look and feel of your teeth then contact us at the surgery on 01248 787878 and take advantage of our FREE consultation with our Treatment Co-Ordinator.



Posted by Geraint Buse on 28th January 2015, under Cosmetic Dentistry

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