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Does the sight of your smile in the mirror leave you screaming in horror?

1 Minute 18th October 2015

Are your teeth looking more gruesome than gleaming? Never fear! This Autumn season Marquess Dental have a fantastic easy to use home tooth whitening treatment, tailor-made to fit your mouth comfortably and leave you feeling confident and sparkling bright…with prices that won’t give you a fright!

Our tooth whitening treatments are non-abrasive and the made to measure trays will protect your gums from the super strength home whitening gel. This effect treatment gives fantastic results and safely leaves your teeth clean, super shiny and naturally bright.

What’s involved?

Home Tooth Whitening is a popular and safe treatment that can be used at the patient’s convenience which also gives you full control of how bright you want your teeth to go. Following a consultation with your dentist to ensure the treatment is suitable, we will book an appointment with our hygienist who will remove any stains and build up from your teeth – in essence prepping your teeth for whitening. We then take impressions of your teeth in surgery and usually within 24 hours we will have a set of your very own whitening trays.

Upon collection we will check they fit correctly, provide the home gels and full instruction for home use. This will involve using the gel in the whitening trays for a certain amount of time every day until you reach the shade you aspire to! Don’t worry we will fully explain every step and you will enjoy being able to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home but we’re always on hand should you have any queries about the treatment.

This treatment is completely safe and we find it gives longer lasting results, so don’t let your teeth give you the horrors this autumn, stride through the season with a smile! Book in for a consultation 01248 787878.

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