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Summer time gives us lots of things to smile about so make sure yours is gleaming with a professional tooth whitening treatment at Marquess Dental. Over the years everyday things we love such as tea, coffee, red wine etc can stain your teeth, but did you know that even things like berries, energy drinks and sauces can also leave their tainted mark? We all want a smile to be proud of as most studies confirm that it’s the first thing that people notice about somebody and it can be a good thing to share!

So if you are thinking about improving yours its highly important that you choose the correct way of whitening and always whiten at a professional dental surgery. Recent studies have proven that the majority of home whitening kits, bought over the counter or online, don’t make any difference whatsoever! Some whitening toothpastes have even been found to contain abrasive particles that can actually wear tooth enamel away. Online cosmetic companies are increasingly coming under fire for making exaggerated claims for costly whitening treatments, some of which make no difference at all even when worn several times a day! There are also dangers with some bleaching agents damaging teeth and gums so its always best to take professional advice and service when dealing with any oral procedure.

At Marquess Dental we provide a consultation session to discuss the correct shade you want your teeth to be and explain our different types of whitening treatment; so you are entirely clear of the process and expectant results. With us having different options we can also ensure that there will be a method that suits you.

We can also offer tooth coloured fillings to complete your perfect white smile, so you can say goodbye to the grey metallic fillings and hello to a gleaming mouth inside and out.

So if you want a perfect summer smile but you are baffled by the different products and procedures on the market, don’t try it at home – come to Marquess Dental first for a professional whitening treatment and we will ensure your smile is here to shine its way through to next summer!

Contact our friendly team for a consultation on:- 01248 787878 Or visit our website and download our teeth whitening advice guide

Posted by Geraint Buse on 17th June 2015, under Teeth Whitening

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