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Five foods with unexpectedly high sugar levels

1 Minute 19th March 2018

We are all warned of the danger sugary food and drinks pose to our health, and in particular our teeth. Chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy drinks are obvious items to avoid but here are five everyday foods that have more sugar than you might expect!

1) Tomato Sauce

The most commonly used sauces such as tomato sauce are unfortunately often loaded with sugar. Ketchup for example provides around 1 teaspoon of sugar per tablespoon of product. If you consider that with a meal several teaspoons may be consumed this really can add up. Consider low sugar alternatives such as mustards, or even try making your tomato sauce yourself!

2) Yogurt

Yogurts can be a great source of calcium and are considered a healthy daily snack. However, often yogurts branded as 0% fat have high sugar levels, some of the top brands have around 20% sugar content. Always take a look at the label and consider that ‘low fat’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is the healthiest option for your teeth.

3) Cereals

Cereals are a quick and easy breakfast option, but many popular brands which claim to be healthy contain up to 30% sugar content. Consider opting for oats which you can add your own toppings to so that you can control sugar levels or even making your own healthy granola.

4) Salad Dressing

You wouldn’t add a teaspoon of sugar to your leafy green salad, however many of the salad dressings available are effectively doing just that for you. From a French to a Caesar salad dressing most off the shelf products are packed with sugar. Monitor how much you put on your salad or make your own dressings with olive oil, balsamic and mustard.

5) Frozen Meals

Frozen meals can be a quick and easy dinner option, and you may even think that the low-fat versions are a healthy selection. However, many companies pump in low cost sugars to improve the taste of ‘healthy’ ready meals, studies have found many have more sugar content than a chocolate bar. Always read the label!

Your diet has a big impact on maintaining a healthy smile but the most vital thing to remember is to regularly brush, floss, use mouthwash and visit your dentist.

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