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Is your Smile lacking it’s fully fledged beaming potential?

1 Minute 12th August 2015

Do you feel embarrassed by stained, chipped or out of place teeth?  A quarter of British people refuse to smile in photographs because they’re so embarrassed of their oral health, a new study has found.

Nearly 50% of those asked said that their teeth are the number one thing that they would change about themselves, with the main concerns being the whiteness of teeth and a cleaner feel.

If you are unhappy with your smile, it can effect your self esteem and confidence which have a knock on effect to your daily life. We are here to tell you, don’t suffer your smile – let us make you a new one! We have a range of treatments in our Smile Design service, so that after a simple consultation we can arrange a tailor made treatment programme just for you.

Some of our services include:-

Sometimes it’s just a small change that can make a profound amount of difference. During the FREE consultation we can chat about your concerns and put a plan into place. We can even help by spreading the cost over manageable payments.

Our dental team are kind and caring, we pride ourselves on providing a gentle, patient focussed service. So if you are nervous about dental visits please talk to us. With new dental technology and knowledge we can help you face your fears and step by step re-build your way to better oral health.

Start your journey to upgrade your smile today! Give us a call and book in for your FREE consultation and you could be smiling your way to a better looking future!

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