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We know that for many people a trip to dentist is often a low priority and something that they do after numerous recall letters or even only when they’re in pain. However, did you know that regular dental check ups can actually save you money in the long run, while also saving you from potential pain and maintaining your good looks? Well it’s true and here’s why…

For starters, even if you’re doing a top notch job of cleaning your teeth and gums, there will always be areas that you can’t reach and where plaque can build up. During your dental and hygiene appointments we will check everywhere for plaque deposits and then remove them. Not only does this leave you with a squeaky clean mouth, it can also help to prevent gum disease and subsequent tooth loss. We also take a really thorough look at all of your teeth to spot any cracks, damage, or signs of decay nice and early on, which means we can usually treat problems in a preventive way before things get more serious. This is great news for you because small problems can become big ones if left untreated and these, inevitably, cost more to fix and can be painful, too.

Discoloured, decayed or missing teeth really don’t look pretty and, by attending your check ups as often as advised, we can keep an eye on things to help you ensure that things don’t end up this bad. Your regular dental check up should be seen as part of your health and beauty regime rather than a chore, it really is more beneficial than you may realise!

To book your next check up at Marquess Dental in Anglesey, just call 01248 787878 to speak to our friendly reception team.

Posted by Geraint Buse on 6th July 2016, under Caring for your teeth,Oral Hygiene

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