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Making your teeth last a lifetime

1 Minute 29th May 2018

As we grow older we need to look after our general health, and one area that can be key to  helping us look and feel youthful is a happy, healthy smile.

As we age, our teeth and gums become more vulnerable to problems, and it is particularly important to focus on having a good oral hygiene routine. We have looked at three common issues you may experience as you get older, and how you might be able to prevent them.

Gum recession

A certain level of gum recession is natural and can be expected over the years. The key issue is that it makes us more susceptible to cavities along the root structure of the tooth where enamel doesn’t exist. This can lead to more plaque retention and potential issues with gum problems and tooth decay. To prevent this, it is particularly important to regularly floss, brush and rinse, and of course visit your dentist. The saying ‘long in the tooth’ has come from this teeth ageing factor.

Dry Mouth

As we get older our saliva production tends to decrease, causing a dry mouth. Salvias role in the mouth is to help wash food away and reduce the amount of decay causing bacteria by restoring the natural pH level in your mouth. Reducing the amount of drying drinks such as tea and coffee can help to decrease this risk, however there are many medications which you may have to take, that can contribute to the condition. If you are worried contact your dentist to find out more.

Brittle Teeth

Another factor of aging is that your teeth will naturally become more brittle and can more easily chip or break. A chip or crack in the teeth can expose your teeth to decaying bacteria. Often a crack in brittle teeth can be caused by an accident or by biting hard food. Being aware that your teeth are more vulnerable can help you to watch what you are eating and avoid foods that may be harmful to the teeth.

There are many links between oral health and general health, particularly heart health and gum health so it is important to have a good oral hygiene regime, and, as we get older we must ensure we spend sufficient time ensuring we implement it.


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