Spread The Cost

At Marquess Dental in Anglesey, we know that dental treatment can sometimes be needed unexpectedly, which can leave a dent in the bank account. In some instances, concerns regarding the financial side of dental work can cause patients to put off treatment, which can lead to further problems or pain.

This can often result in financial worry, which is the last thing we’d want our patients to feel. Your wellbeing is our first priority and we understand that money concerns can cause added stress so that’s why we offer 0{d58828e17d46aa12a0c509c6bfd5d14d7ae30230ead45e00e67257ba68cfae4b} interest finance to help ease the pressure. This allows you the freedom to pay your dental bill in manageable installments without incurring added interest.

This can also help you to plan for cosmetic treatments too. Once you’ve spoken to your dentist about the results you would like to achieve and a treatment plan has been created, we can then help you spread the cost with our 0{d58828e17d46aa12a0c509c6bfd5d14d7ae30230ead45e00e67257ba68cfae4b} interest finance option. This means you could have the smile of your dreams sooner than you thought, by paying for it in a more manageable way.

In both cases, having the option to spread the cost without having to pay interest can mean access to treatment faster allowing you to enjoy your smile without the financial stress. If you want to find out more about our interest-free finance option, or book an appointment to discuss your dental treatment, just call our friendly team on 01248 787878 and they’ll be only too happy to help.

Posted by Geraint Buse on 29th May 2016, under Caring for your teeth

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