Using Invisalign clear aligners to move teeth…

In the previous posts, we have discussed the two type of orthodontic treatment available –  Comprehensive Orthodontics and Short Term Orthodontics.

In this and the next posts, we will discuss the two main methods of moving teeth

  • Clear Removable Aligners – which clip on over your teeth and help to ‘align’ them – and are produced by Invisalign
  • Brackets and Wires

Invisalign Aligners are removable, warn for 22 hours per day, only taken out to eat and drink, and the aligners are changed every two weeks. They use special tooth coloured attachments on teeth to enable efficient tooth movement. Before treatment starts we can view the end result on a simulated 3D computer model called a ClinCheck.


There are three types of Invisalign products available:

Invisalign Full – this is used on the majority of cases, and is capable of providing comprehensive orthodontic tooth movement – moving all your teeth into the correct relationship with each other. It also offers refinement stages at the end to give the finishing touches to get your teeth into that perfect position.

Invisalign Lite – is available to move teeth within the ‘Short Term Orthodontics’ category – to align and straighten your front teeth. There are 14 aligners used, and since each aligner is inlace for 2 weeks, the treatment takes 6 months. It is a very useful solution for patients who have had orthodontic treatment as a child but there teeth have then relapsed.

Invisalign Teen – this is available as an alternate to bracket and wire treatment for teenagers. It uses specially designed aligners that can leave space for teeth to erupt into and also has ‘compliance indicators’ to ensure that the aligners are being warn for the correct amount of time.


So if you want straighter teeth but don’t want to have brackets and wires fixed to your teeth, Invisalign aligners are the solution for you. Click here for further information.


Posted by Geraint Buse on 20th September 2014, under Cosmetic Dentistry,Orthodontics,Teeth Straightening

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