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Top 7 tips for looking after your teeth

At Marquess we believe that a preventative approach to oral hygiene is the best option. We have put together a few tips for you to make sure you are doing your best to keep your smile healthy. 1. Clean between your teeth Brushing your teeth is ... Read More

Posted by Josie on 9th August 2018, under News

What to expect at your new patient consultation at Marquess

You can book your first appointment on our website or by calling the practice. Upon arrival, our friendly reception team will welcome you to the practice and check you in on the system. You will be given a tablet device to complete your personal det ... Read More

Posted by Josie on 24th June 2018, under News

Mouth Cancer Action Month

  Mouth Cancer Action Month is an annual charity campaign that is run to help raise awareness of mouth cancer and will be running throughout November. The campaign is there to make a difference by saving thousands of lives across the U ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 16th November 2017, under News

New Age of Interactive Toothbrushing

The recent launch of the Oral -B 6000 electronic with bluetooth technology not only with a separate display timer, but with an app that you can download to your mobile device, really gave a glimpse into the future of not only toothbrush technology, ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 3rd August 2014, under Caring for your teeth,News,Oral Hygiene

Our new website is now LIVE

As regular visitors to our site will have noticed, our website has just relaunched with a new look. The aim of our new site is ensure that our focus is always on how we can help our existing and prospective patients address their enquiries and conce ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 17th June 2014, under News


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