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Category Archives: Teeth Whitening

New Year, New Smile, New You!

Your smile is important in two ways, the first being it can hold the key to much of your self esteem during your daily life and the second being that a good straight set of teeth gives you all over better oral care. At Marquess we have a fantasti ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 19th January 2016, under Cosmetic Dentistry,Teeth Straightening,Teeth Whitening


Want your teeth to sparkle this Christmas? Or maybe you fancy a whitening session for the New Year after all the festive food and drink takes its toll! Marquess are here to treat your teeth to a makeover this winter with one of our top tooth whit ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 16th December 2015, under Cosmetic Dentistry,Teeth Whitening

Does the sight of your smile in the mirror leave you screaming in horror?

Are your teeth looking more gruesome than gleaming? Never fear! This Autumn season Marquess Dental have a fantastic easy to use home tooth whitening treatment, tailor-made to fit your mouth comfortably and leave you feeling confident and sparkling br ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 18th October 2015, under Teeth Whitening

White, Right!

Summer time gives us lots of things to smile about so make sure yours is gleaming with a professional tooth whitening treatment at Marquess Dental. Over the years everyday things we love such as tea, coffee, red wine etc can stain your teeth, but did ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 17th June 2015, under Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening – Marquess Dental

Everyone wants a bright, white, natural and glowing smile. It’s well documented that some celebrities go to great lengths to achieve it too, whether that’s through vastly expensive treatments or brushing their teeth a dangerously excessive amount ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 15th November 2013, under Teeth Whitening

Crowns, Veneers and Bridges – An introduction

Dental treatments aren’t your typical topic of conversation. It’s not very common to rank them by glamour or popularity and it’s quite rare to find a group of friends discussing which dental treatment gets the most media coverage – but if you ... Read More

Posted by Geraint Buse on 1st November 2013, under Cosmetic Dentistry,Teeth Whitening


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